Welcome to my blog…I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend and of course a photographer. My professional journey began in August 2014 when our second daughter was born, but my personal journey in photography stretches to my youth. Like most moms I just want to stay closer to home and watch every move our little ones make. I am completely blessed with a husband that supports my (our) journey in starting this new adventure!

Our precious auburn haired girl Lydia Grace (age5) keeps us on our toes. She has boundless energy that only comes with youth and wants to learn about everything the world has to offer. On the other hand we have this little blonde [;)] Emma Kate (age 3)  she watches every step her big sister makes! They have become and still learning to be the best of friends!  It is amazing how your world can change so drastically in just 5 short years…and of course we wouldn’t want it in any other way!

Photography has always been in my world. I have never known a holiday, special event, soccer game, or “just because time” without a camera being present! In high school I had the opportunity to work with a dear family in their studio. It was an amazing experience and I knew at that time my passion for photography was deep. As an adult I have had the privilege of being mentored by Kansas Pitts…she is a sweet friend, encouraging (kicks my butt when needed) and wonderful teacher! Without Kansas gently pushing me to start this business it would still be just a dream! I am forever grateful!

I hope you enjoy my style of using natural lighting an lifestyle photography. My goal in photographing is to capture moments that will last forever!

~ Tricia

Panama City, Florida | tricia_petty@yahoo.com